The most dramatic moment of last night’s Mexican soccer championship came when Moises Muñoz, the goalkeeper for the eventual winners, Club America, traveled the length of the field, entered the scrum during a corner kick, and butted in the header, or cabezazo, that put America ahead 2-1 with just moments left in the game. Because each team had scored two goals over the course of two games, there was a period of bonus play (in which neither team scored), and, then, a penalty-kick showdown, which America won in the middle of a pounding rainstorm.

A goalie scoring a goal in soccer is pretty rare; Wikipedia keeps a running list of those goalies known to have done so, including the Brazilian goalie Saulo, who, like Muñoz, headed a corner kick back in 2011.

“While celebrating the goal,” the Wikipedia authors note, drily, Saulo “suffered a concussion which would prevent him from playing for a period.”

So, yeah, it’s a big deal.

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