You’ve got to hand it to the Mexican left: they excel at the lost art (lost in the States, at least) of portraying capitalists as rapacious, predatory, slobbering oligarchs. In the US, we’ve grown pretty accustomed, in the Silicon Valley era, to thinking of our most dynamic capitalists as snot-nosed young geniuses in hoodies. To the cartoonist brigade of the Mexican left, the moneyed class will forever be populated by portly gents in evening wear and top hats, flashing their robber-baron watch fobs and their searing contempt for the proletariat.

The cartoon above, from the August 21 issue of La Jornada, is referring to the negative reaction to the teachers’ union protests in Mexico City that have snarled traffic and caused the delay of soccer games and the president’s first state of the union address.

“Our kids don’t study with those savage teachers,” says the pig. “We send them to Harvard to study savage capitalism.”

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